Speak out for mobility, equity, and climate solutions on the Highway 101 corridor!

An ambitious project is under way by Caltrans, San Mateo City/County Association of Governments (C/CAG), and the San Mateo County Transportation Authority (SMCTA) to add an express lane (aka “managed lane”) on Highway 101 in San Mateo County. However, their own environmental impact report makes it clear that traffic on 101 will get dramatically worse, even if this project is implemented as planned. To learn more about this proposal and its effects, see our blog post.

The only thing that will truly improve mobility on the 101 corridor is a successful all-hands-on-deck effort to move far more people in fewer vehicles. The region must plan such an effort, which we call a “Mobility Action Plan” (MAP). A MAP would identify ways to provide people of all incomes with robust public transportation and tech-enabled shared mobility options, as well as incentives to make it more affordable and easy to use them. Learn more about the MAP here.

TransForm will send the following petition to Caltrans, C/CAG, SMCTA, and any other decision-makers who are making transportation decisions along the 101 corridor between San Francisco and Santa Clara Counties.

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169 2.1 years ago Vish Kulkarni San Mateo, CA
168 2.1 years ago Alex Tour-Sarkissian San Francisco, CA Inadequate public transportation in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties to be a problem. As the population continues to rapidly grow, traffic on freeways is increasing. A lot of these areas have road...
167 2.1 years ago Sofia M Redwood City, CA Desperate need of adequate public transportation
166 2.1 years ago Karen Allen San Francisco, CA
165 2.1 years ago Kyle Borland San Francisco, CA
164 2.1 years ago Max Sadrieh San Jose, CA
163 2.1 years ago vincent Roveto fresno, CA
162 2.1 years ago Kristin Bard Oakland, CA
161 2.1 years ago Peter Rice Palo Alto, CA
160 2.1 years ago Anonymous Oakland, CA For now, all S. Bay carpool lanes should be increased to 3+ to comply with FHWA requirements. Silicon Valley has a parking overbuild. Employers need to charge for parking, incentivize sustainable ...
159 2.1 years ago Cindy A Abbott Pacifica, CA Traffic studies have shown many times that you can't build your way out of congestion. Alternatives are needed to avoid wasting money on a solution that doesn't change the initial problem.
158 2.1 years ago Emilio Balingit San Francisco, CA Look at what happened with the widening of I-405 in Los Angeles. $4.5 billion, 10 years of construction, and traffic through the Sepulveda pass is as slow as ever. Please explore solutions that prio...
157 2.1 years ago Susan Setterholm San Francisco, CA
156 2.1 years ago Kayla Kaiser Northridge, CA Metrolink should run weekend and more frequent weekday service on the VC line. Also extend the LA River bike path out as far west as possible!
155 2.1 years ago Susanna Schick San Mateo, CA Having lived in San Mateo since I was born at Mills Hospital in 1970, I am appalled at how poorly the counties of the Bay Area have handled the massive influx of tech workers. We desperately need MO...
154 2.1 years ago Peter Sherman San Francisco, CA
153 2.1 years ago T L Rosenberg Oakland, CA We need to stop thinking that more traffic lanes equals better planning. Houston and other metro areas have proven that more lanes does not equal better traffic flow. Thoughtfully considering all mo...
152 2.1 years ago Jonathan Evans Oakland, CA We need better solutions to traffic than more lanes for cars.
151 2.1 years ago Kevin Wray San Carlos, CA Quality of life is one of the best facets of the Bay Area, and traffic really reduces it. We need smart solutions here, not band-aids. Thanks for pushing this!
150 2.1 years ago Paul Bendix San Francisco, CA
149 2.1 years ago Kevin Burke Belmont, CA we should invest in better ECR bus service, Caltrain shuttles, and priority bus lanes before adding a new lane to 101
148 2.1 years ago Elizabeth Pendleton Grass Valley, CA
147 2.1 years ago Hank Hodes San Francisco, CA We need more imaginative solutions and look at other cities' efforts in to see what alternative approaches can be best accomplished.
146 2.1 years ago Lisa Ratner Menlo Park, CA We need to move more people, not more cars through this corridor. Dedicated bus lanes for one lane, then 3+ HOV, then 2+, then SOV.
145 2.1 years ago Anonymous Sunnyvale, CA 101 is already at gridlock, and highway improvement projects will only make incremental improvements. We should be aiming to reduce car usage. Improvements to Caltrain and related public transit wil...
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