Speak out for mobility, equity, and climate solutions on the Highway 101 corridor!

An ambitious project is under way by Caltrans, San Mateo City/County Association of Governments (C/CAG), and the San Mateo County Transportation Authority (SMCTA) to add an express lane (aka “managed lane”) on Highway 101 in San Mateo County. However, their own environmental impact report makes it clear that traffic on 101 will get dramatically worse, even if this project is implemented as planned. To learn more about this proposal and its effects, see our blog post.

The only thing that will truly improve mobility on the 101 corridor is a successful all-hands-on-deck effort to move far more people in fewer vehicles. The region must plan such an effort, which we call a “Mobility Action Plan” (MAP). A MAP would identify ways to provide people of all incomes with robust public transportation and tech-enabled shared mobility options, as well as incentives to make it more affordable and easy to use them. Learn more about the MAP here.

TransForm will send the following petition to Caltrans, C/CAG, SMCTA, and any other decision-makers who are making transportation decisions along the 101 corridor between San Francisco and Santa Clara Counties.

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194 10 months ago Humzah Jaleel Los Angeles, CA
193 1 year ago Savita Ramaprasad Mountain View, CA Better public transport is the best way to reduce congestion and pollution!
192 1 year ago Anonymous Palo alto, CA
191 1 year ago Venkata Neelakantam Sunnyvale, CA
190 1 year ago Bryn Lindblad Los Angeles, CA People need viable alternatives to solo driving. Improving those alternatives is the only way to relieve congestion.
189 1 year ago Jennifer Van Valkenburg OAKLAND, CA
188 1 year ago Anonymous Milpitas, CA
187 1 year ago Greg Riessen Albany, CA Let's not waste taxpayer dollars on freeway widening. Instead let's use technology to enable higher vehicle occupancy
186 1 year ago Sandhya Laddha Palo alto, CA More cars brings more traffic!
The answer to obesity is not looser pants - but reducing obesity!
185 1 year ago Anonymous Oakland, CA
184 1 year ago Lawrence Maxwell San Francisco, CA
183 1 year ago Peter Moore oakland, CA
182 1 year ago Anonymous Altadena, CA
181 1 year ago Anonymous Palo Alto, CA
180 1 year ago Bruce Dughi Castro Valley, CA The single occupancy car is failing us. We need to encourage people to car pool, take buses and trains. Many transportation studies show we cannot build our way out of congestion as demand will alwa...
179 1 year ago Anton Shuster San Francisco, CA
178 1 year ago Nicholas Lipanovich San Carlos, CA
177 1 year ago Anonymous los gatos, CA
176 1 year ago Benjamin Etgen Sacramento, CA
175 1 year ago Sarah Kolarik El Cerrito, CA As someone who tries to avoid driving on 101 at all costs (given the extreme congestion that frequently plagues this corridor), I want to see this congestion alleviated. But, rather than in...
174 1 year ago Anonymous greenbrae, CA We need fast buses and fewer cars to save our planet
173 1 year ago Chris Hlavka Los Altos, CA
172 1 year ago Margaret McCarthy San Francisco, CA Equitable and affordable roadway changes are vital to reducing economic inequality in the Bay Area. We absolutely need to prioritize public transportation, carpooling and vanpooling on this route.
171 1 year ago Gregory Bell Palo Alto, CA Transform Champions,
Seriously, I sent Gov Brown a note this week asking for dedicated bus-only lanes on roadways and bridges. Soooo glad you all are on this major issue. See my site at htt...
170 1 year ago Lori Guy San Jose, CA
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