Speak out for mobility, equity, and climate solutions on the Highway 101 corridor!

An ambitious project is under way by Caltrans, San Mateo City/County Association of Governments (C/CAG), and the San Mateo County Transportation Authority (SMCTA) to add an express lane (aka “managed lane”) on Highway 101 in San Mateo County. However, their own environmental impact report makes it clear that traffic on 101 will get dramatically worse, even if this project is implemented as planned. To learn more about this proposal and its effects, see our blog post.

The only thing that will truly improve mobility on the 101 corridor is a successful all-hands-on-deck effort to move far more people in fewer vehicles. The region must plan such an effort, which we call a “Mobility Action Plan” (MAP). A MAP would identify ways to provide people of all incomes with robust public transportation and tech-enabled shared mobility options, as well as incentives to make it more affordable and easy to use them. Learn more about the MAP here.

TransForm will send the following petition to Caltrans, C/CAG, SMCTA, and any other decision-makers who are making transportation decisions along the 101 corridor between San Francisco and Santa Clara Counties.

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142 1 hour ago Anonymous Sunnyvale, CA 101 is already at gridlock, and highway improvement projects will only make incremental improvements. We should be aiming to reduce car usage. Improvements to Caltrain and related public transit wil...
141 15 hours ago Joan Lichterman Oakland, CA We must get serious about providing alternatives to people so they will leave their cars at home. Or not get cars.
140 1 day ago Francis Viggiano Palo Alto, CA
139 2 days ago Edward Sullivan San Francisco, CA
138 3 days ago Shreya Indukuri San Francisco, CA
137 3 days ago Anonymous REDWOOD CITY, CA
136 3 days ago Billy James Redwood City, CA
135 4 days ago Frank Markowitz San Mateo, CA We need improved express bus service, Caltrain service, and continuation of managed lanes in SF, with congestion pricing in central SF.
134 4 days ago Chris Hlavka Los Altos, CA Adding more car lanes wastes money better spent elsewhere - including identifying transportation development that is most likely to succeed in traffic relief over the long term, that is, longer that...
133 4 days ago Elika Etemad San Francisco, CA It's well-established that expanding highways only invites more traffic. It is better for our transportation budgets, for the environment, and for society at large, to improve the mass transit syste...
132 5 days ago Ariel Bobbett PALO ALTO, CA
131 7 days ago Shirley Ingalls Mountain View, CA
130 7 days ago Valerie Aurora San Francisco, CA We should aiming to reduce car usage in general, and especially on 101. Improvements to Caltrain and related public transit projects would pay off far more than highway projects, while also reducing...
129 7 days ago Anonymous Foster City, CA
128 7 days ago Elias Zamaria San Francisco, CA
127 1 week ago Bob Allen San Francisco, CA
126 1 week ago David Almeida Gilroy, CA
125 1 week ago Greg Bell Palo Alto , CA We need a dedicated bus lane on Highway 101 anything less is adequate re traffic congestion.
124 1 week ago Shawn Kann San Mateo, CA
123 1 week ago Jenny Fogarty San Francisco, CA
122 1 week ago Jason Serafino-Agar San Francisco, CA
121 1 week ago Christopher Merrill San Francisco, CA
120 1 week ago Sandra Bardas MENLO PARK, CA
119 1 week ago Anonymous Emeryville, CA
118 1 week ago Jacqueline Ramos Stanford, CA
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