Tell Trump and Secretary Chao: Don’t Cut Public Transit

Clean, fast, reliable public transit gives us independence and freedom. It is one of the strategies Americans need to use less foreign oil, which saves families money and keeps us safe. Public transportation is better for our health and the environment, and it connects people to opportunity. These are American values, not partisan ones.

And yet the GOP is playing politics with public transportation, in an early test of the Trump Administration. California’s Congressional Republicans are trying to stop a critical public transit project in the Bay Area — the electrification of Caltrain. This project that would allow for a cleaner, faster, more frequent, and safer train system that can serve many more riders.

If the GOP can convince the Administration to kill this vital project in Silicon Valley — one of the economic engines of the country — it will embolden them to come after public transit funding anywhere.

This project was approved after years of review and is simply awaiting final approval after February 17. But 18 GOP members of Congress have sent a letter to Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao asking her to deny a $647 million grant for the project.

We can’t let that happen. Please sign this petition to urge Secretary Chao to approve Caltrain’s grant.

Caltrain has already signed contracts to start the electrification project on March 1. If the Trump Administration holds off on approving these funds this month, Caltrain wouldn’t be able to honor those contracts and would be liable for penalties, putting the whole project in jeopardy.

Politics shouldn't get in the way of building smart infrastructure with broad environmental and economic benefits. We will send this petition to Secretary Chao and the entire California congressional delegation on Feb 15. Help us get at least 25,000 signatures before then!

For more info see TransForm's letter to Secretary Chao and this article in the San Francisco Chronicle: With Trump in Charge, Republicans Target Caltrain

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