Urge the Governor to sign bills for transportation justice and climate equity

Photo: Rockwell CreativeIn the legislative session that just ended, California cemented its position as a global leader on climate change. But our state’s climate leadership is not just about our ambitious goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as laid out in SB 32. What sets California apart is our commitment to meeting climate goals by investing in the communities that need it most.

Three bills on Governor Brown’s desk will strengthen that commitment. Will you urge the governor to sign these bills?  They will support transportation and land use projects that create opportunities and improve quality of life for disadvantaged communities, low-income people, and those most impacted by climate pollution.

AB 2722 (Burke): Creates a new program, Transformative Climate Communities, to invest climate funds in projects and programs that provide economic, environmental, and health benefits to disadvantaged communities.

SB 1000 (Leyva): Requires cities and counties to identify policies to reduce health risks and improve involvement in public decision-making for disadvantaged communities with a new “Environmental Justice Element” in their general plans.

AB 1550 (Gomez): Requires the state's Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund to invest a minimum of 25% of funds in projects located within disadvantaged communities, plus 5% in projects that benefit low-income households and another 5% in projects that benefit low-income households within half a mile of disadvantaged communities.

This is our chance to model climate justice solutions that will ­make our state a better and healthier home for people of all incomes and backgrounds. The world is watching.

Send an email to Governor Brown urging him to sign AB 2722, SB 1000, and AB 1550!