Transportation for all of Santa Clara County

Woman exiting VTA bus

The Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) is considering placing a 30 year half-cent sales tax measure on the November 2016 ballot that could raise $6 billion for transportation investments in Santa Clara County. The measure is a huge opportunity to expand access to affordable, convenient, safe, healthy, and sustainable transportation options, but what’s actually in the measure will be decided by the VTA Board of Directors between April and August of this year.

What we know at this time is that it is very likely that the Board will provide substantial funding for rail projects, road maintenance, and bicycle and pedestrian safety improvements; however, we are concerned that over a billion dollars could be allocated towards highway, expressway, and freeway projects that will result in more cars on the road and more carbon pollution.

Furthermore, other lower profile but critical transportation investments, such as improving VTA bus service, that will benefit segments of our community with some of the greatest transportation challenges, including students, seniors, persons with disabilities, and low income and working families, may not receive sufficient priority by the VTA Board.

Passage of a potential transportation sales tax will require a two-thirds vote of support, so it is critical that the expenditure plan fund effective transportation projects and programs that benefit all segments of our community. The initial language of the proposal will shortchange local transit riders- we need your voice to shift the ultimate proposal. Please sign the following petition to the VTA Board of Directors in support of the Transportation Justice Alliance (TJA) proposal to: improve VTA’s high ridership bus lines; expand and improve the quality of transportation services available for seniors and people with disabilities; make public transportation more affordable for seniors, youth, and low income families, and provide funding for affordable homes along transit corridors as part of VTA’s 2016 sales tax measure.