Tell BART - go big on the 2016 ballot!

Despite its recent closures for maintenance, BART still has a long way to go to make service reliable, safe, and comfortable for the more than 400,000+ people that ride it every weekday. The problem is that BART has a huge budget shortfall ($4.8 billion!) that makes it nearly impossible to make all of the much-needed repairs and improvements.

The good news is that, thanks to emails from people like you, the BART Board of Directors is looking to put a BART funding measure on the 2016 ballot. This funding measure is a huge opportunity to revitalize and invest in BART's 43-year old system.

We've already encouraged our BART Directors to go big on the ballot - now we need to let them know we want a measure that will raise as much money as possible to close this gap.

BART cannot close its $4.8 billion funding gap and provide better service without this funding measure. As voters, we have the opportunity to bring BART into the 21st century, but only if BART leaders raise the amount of money they need.

Tell your BART Director that you support as big of a funding measure as possible on the 2016 ballot!