Support public transportation for a cleaner, more connected California

People riding the busThis summer was an intense one in California.  Our land is parched. Poor air quality is making some of us very sick. And it’s getting more and more difficult to afford living in the cities we call home.

But there’s hope in Sacramento: right now, our state leaders are grinding through a Transportation Special Session where two of our leaders are pushing for a better future.

The proposal put forward by Senator Ben Allen and Assemblymember Chiu would raise $600 million dollars annually to improve and increase public transportation throughout the state, with help from the diesel fuel tax.

40% of California's climate pollution comes from driving cars. And it’s proven that good public transportation helps reduce pollution, connects more people to opportunity, reduces traffic congestion, and saves families money. But some of our leaders want to do the opposite, and prevent any money from the special session from being spent on transit, walking, or biking.

If we want to reach our climate goals and keep our communities healthy, we need to act to support public transportation NOW.

Email your legislator today to support including public transportation for a cleaner, more connected California!