Tell BART to focus on fixing what's broken

BART service should be frequent - not frequently delayed.  But breakdowns and overcrowding have become regular experiences for BART's 400,000-plus daily riders.

The BART Board of Directors needs to take action to get BART back on track and prepare for even more riders in the future.  The current budget process is an opportunity to start investing in the repair and maintainence needed to fix BART’s existing, dilapidated infrastructure.  It's also a chance to prove to voters that an ambitious funding measure in 2016 will help save BART from disrepair.

BART riders across the region want to see BART fix what's broken. BART needs money to do that, and it needs to spend it wisely.

Send an email today urging the BART Board of Directors to focus on fixing what's broken, with a responsible budget and an ambitious funding measure on the 2016 ballot.