Current Actions

  • Speak out for mobility, equity, and climate solutions on the Highway 101 corridor!

    An ambitious project is under way by Caltrans, San Mateo City/County Association of Governments (C/CAG), and the San Mateo County Transportation Authority (SMCTA) to add an express lane (aka “managed lane”) on Highway 101 in San Mateo County. However, their own environmental impact report makes it clear that traffic on 101 will get dramatically worse, even if this project is implemented as planned. To learn more about this proposal and its effects, see our blog post.

    The only thing that will truly improve mobility on the 101 corridor is a successful all-hands-on-deck effort to move far more people in fewer vehicles. The region must plan such an effort, which we call a “Mobility Action Plan” (MAP). A MAP would identify ways to provide people of all incomes with robust public transportation and tech-enabled shared mobility options, as well as incentives to make it more affordable and easy to use them. Learn more about the MAP here.

    TransForm will send the following petition to Caltrans, C/CAG, SMCTA, and any other decision-makers who are making transportation decisions along the 101 corridor between San Francisco and Santa Clara Counties.

  • Tell Governor Brown to Sign AB 179 and Support the Transportation Equity Package

    For too long, the vast majority of our state’s transportation funding has gone to building highways, leaving millions of Californians gasping for air and struggling to get around on unsafe streets and unreliable public transportation. 

    A new trio of bills moving through the state legislature would start to change that trend and bring much-needed transit service, affordability, and representation to low-income communities and communities of color. 

    Will you reach out to your state legislators and let them know you support the Transportation Equity Bill Package? 

    Here are some details about all three bills:

    AB 17 (Holden) – Free and reduced-fare transit passes for students
    This bill would create a program to provide free or reduced-fare transit passes to low-income California students in middle school, high school, and college. By making it more affordable for students to get to school and work, student transit passes help our economy and increase opportunity. They also encourage students who drive to take transit instead, which cuts climate pollution and traffic congestion. 

    AB 179 (Cervantes) – More equitable representation on the California Transportation Commission (CTC)
    This bill would require that at least one CTC commissioner1 have expertise in environmental justice and disadvantaged communities, and require coordination with the Air Resources Board. The CTC allocates the majority of transportation funds in the state, so it’s imperative that appointees have relevant knowledge and are able to represent communities disproportionately burdened by air pollution from transportation.

    AB 1640 (E. Garcia) – Priority funding for transportation in low-income communities
    This bill would target 25% of each region’s transportation funds from the state (RTIP) for projects that provide direct, meaningful benefits to low-income communities, and create a participatory process for prioritizing projects and assessing meaningful benefits. This would begin to help communities emerge from under the burden created by years of inequitable transportation investments and have a voice in planning a more just future. AB 1640 is a two-year bill, so it won’t be decided this year – but we still need to build support so it can advance in 2018.

    Please join TransForm and these allies across the state in supporting this bill package:

    California Bicycle Coalition
    California Pan-Ethnic Health Network
    Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice
    Move LA
    Public Advocates
    Student Senate for California Community Colleges

    Learn more about the package from this fact sheet.

  • Urge the Governor to sign bills for transportation justice and climate equity

    Photo: Rockwell CreativeIn the legislative session that just ended, California cemented its position as a global leader on climate change. But our state’s climate leadership is not just about our ambitious goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as laid out in SB 32. What sets California apart is our commitment to meeting climate goals by investing in the communities that need it most.

    Three bills on Governor Brown’s desk will strengthen that commitment. Will you urge the governor to sign these bills?  They will support transportation and land use projects that create opportunities and improve quality of life for disadvantaged communities, low-income people, and those most impacted by climate pollution.

    AB 2722 (Burke): Creates a new program, Transformative Climate Communities, to invest climate funds in projects and programs that provide economic, environmental, and health benefits to disadvantaged communities.

    SB 1000 (Leyva): Requires cities and counties to identify policies to reduce health risks and improve involvement in public decision-making for disadvantaged communities with a new “Environmental Justice Element” in their general plans.

    AB 1550 (Gomez): Requires the state's Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund to invest a minimum of 25% of funds in projects located within disadvantaged communities, plus 5% in projects that benefit low-income households and another 5% in projects that benefit low-income households within half a mile of disadvantaged communities.

    This is our chance to model climate justice solutions that will ­make our state a better and healthier home for people of all incomes and backgrounds. The world is watching.

    Send an email to Governor Brown urging him to sign AB 2722, SB 1000, and AB 1550!

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  • Tell the Senate Environmental Quality Committee to pass AB 2222!

    Californians want our students to have safe, reliable, and affordable ways to get to school. And we are getting closer to making this a reality!

    AB 2222 (proudly co-sponsored by TransForm) would create a program to provide transit passes for low-income 6-12th graders and public college students across the state. This could give millions of students in California access to affordable public transportation, saving them and their families money and reducing our state's greenhouse gas emissions.

    AB 2222 has already won support in the Assembly, and just this week it was passed by the Senate Transportation & Housing Committee (thanks to Senators Beall, Cannella, Allen, Leyva, McGuire, Mendoza, and Roth).

    Now it’s on to the Senate Environmental Quality Committee –a committee that acts as a watchdog for many greenhouse gas-related bills. We need to let these Senators know that Californians want – and need – discount transit passes for our students and our climate. 

    Tell our state leaders in the Senate Environmental Quality to support affordable public transportation for students. Send them an email today!

  • Speak up for a better budget

    Three kids walking to schoolWhat can help make our communities safer, healthier, and cleaner while reducing climate pollution? Crosswalks, bike lanes, and reliable public transportation, that’s what!

    That’s why TransForm and our allies are advocating for substantial, responsible investments in biking, walking, and transit operations in the state budget for the next fiscal year. We need to ensure that transit agencies have the money to keep the buses and trains we have now running into the future while making it safe for all Californians to walk and bike in their communities.

    Unfortunately, the Governor’s most recent “revision” of the state budget proposal fails to make meaningful improvements for safer walking and biking and more reliable transit operations.

    Speak up now and join our call asking state leaders to do a better job of funding walking, biking, and public transportation operations in the final budget. Email our state leaders to ensure that all Californians benefit from transportation projects that improve our safety, our health, and our communities.

  • Take action for transportation equity

     Everyone should be able to get where they need to go affordably and dependably . But for too many Californians, our car-focused transportation system just doesn’t work, creating huge barriers to health, safety, and opportunity.

    That’s why TransForm and our allies are sponsoring the Transportation Equity Package for a better California – will you join us?

    Right now we have an important opportunity to make a difference. On April 11, our state leaders are voting on the Transportation Equity Package: four bills that would help create more transportation choices for people of all incomes and abilities. From providing students and low-income Californians with discounted transit passes, to ensuring more community members are involved in planning bike lanes and sidewalks in their own neighborhoods, the Transportation Equity Package would go a long way in providing real transportation choices for all Californians, improving safety, and saving families billions of dollars each year.

    If you support more transportation choices for all Californians, tell your Legislator to stand with us and vote for these important bills.

    Take action to support transportation equity today!

  • BART needs a new reality

    The BART Board of Directors knows that BART needs fixing.

    As they said on Twitter: "BART was built to transport far fewer people, and much of our system has reached the end of its useful life. This is our reality."

    But a new reality is possible, and BART needs our support.

    BART leadership knows that a) BART needs billions of dollars to spend on maintenance and improvement of the existing system, and b) they should put a funding measure on the 2016 ballot to raise that money and keep BART on track.

    BART needs a new reality - and their better BART plan can do that. The BART Board of Directors needs to hear from us - BART riders and Bay Area residents, that we support their plan to put BART back on track.

    Show the BART Directors that you’re on board with a new reality for a better BART: send them a message now!

  • Transportation for all of Santa Clara County

    Woman exiting VTA bus

    The Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) is considering placing a 30 year half-cent sales tax measure on the November 2016 ballot that could raise $6 billion for transportation investments in Santa Clara County. The measure is a huge opportunity to expand access to affordable, convenient, safe, healthy, and sustainable transportation options, but what’s actually in the measure will be decided by the VTA Board of Directors between April and August of this year.

    What we know at this time is that it is very likely that the Board will provide substantial funding for rail projects, road maintenance, and bicycle and pedestrian safety improvements; however, we are concerned that over a billion dollars could be allocated towards highway, expressway, and freeway projects that will result in more cars on the road and more carbon pollution.

    Furthermore, other lower profile but critical transportation investments, such as improving VTA bus service, that will benefit segments of our community with some of the greatest transportation challenges, including students, seniors, persons with disabilities, and low income and working families, may not receive sufficient priority by the VTA Board.

    Passage of a potential transportation sales tax will require a two-thirds vote of support, so it is critical that the expenditure plan fund effective transportation projects and programs that benefit all segments of our community. The initial language of the proposal will shortchange local transit riders- we need your voice to shift the ultimate proposal. Please sign the following petition to the VTA Board of Directors in support of the Transportation Justice Alliance (TJA) proposal to: improve VTA’s high ridership bus lines; expand and improve the quality of transportation services available for seniors and people with disabilities; make public transportation more affordable for seniors, youth, and low income families, and provide funding for affordable homes along transit corridors as part of VTA’s 2016 sales tax measure.

  • BART should go for $4.5 billion

    It's a new year, and like us, BART is making some resolutions. 

    The BART Board of Directors knows that BART needs fixing. They’ve listened to our concerns and agree that a) BART needs billions of dollars to spend on maintenance and improvement, and b) they should put a funding measure on the 2016 ballot to raise that money and keep BART on track.

    BART needs our help to make this a reality. We have the power to help keep BART safe, frequent, reliable, and affordable for everyone in the Bay Area, if we vote for a $4.5 billion BART funding measure in 2016.

    Show the BART Directors that you’re on board with their plan: send them a message pledging your support for a $4.5 billion BART funding measure in 2016!

  • Help bring Bus Rapid Transit to El Camino Real!

    We’re so close to bringing bus rapid transit to El Camino Real. But there’s one huge decision left.

    This December, the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) Board will vote YES or NO on bringing a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line to El Camino Real.

    BRT with bus-only lanes, better bike lanes, and sidewalk improvements would transform El Camino Real into a safer and better street to travel along.

    And a recent independent study proves that BRT with bus-only lanes will cut travel times in half and won't have a dire impact on car traffic on El Camino Real. The report called BRT “the most appropriate mode for transit suitable to the corridor land-use and long-range vision.” It confirmed that a ride on BRT from Palo Alto to San Jose would be incredibly fast - 40 minutes faster! - and reliable. 

    Despite this solid evidence, opponents are using fear tactics to pressure decision makers to abandon the El Camino BRT project claiming that it will slow traffic “to a near standstill."

    That’s why it’s so important that you speak up today to make BRT a reality along El Camino Real. Tell the VTA Board and your elected officials how BRT will benefit your commute and your community.

    Send an email now to support Bus Rapid Transit for a better El Camino Real!

  • Tell BART - go big on the 2016 ballot!

    Despite its recent closures for maintenance, BART still has a long way to go to make service reliable, safe, and comfortable for the more than 400,000+ people that ride it every weekday. The problem is that BART has a huge budget shortfall ($4.8 billion!) that makes it nearly impossible to make all of the much-needed repairs and improvements.

    The good news is that, thanks to emails from people like you, the BART Board of Directors is looking to put a BART funding measure on the 2016 ballot. This funding measure is a huge opportunity to revitalize and invest in BART's 43-year old system.

    We've already encouraged our BART Directors to go big on the ballot - now we need to let them know we want a measure that will raise as much money as possible to close this gap.

    BART cannot close its $4.8 billion funding gap and provide better service without this funding measure. As voters, we have the opportunity to bring BART into the 21st century, but only if BART leaders raise the amount of money they need.

    Tell your BART Director that you support as big of a funding measure as possible on the 2016 ballot! 

  • Support public transportation for a cleaner, more connected California

    People riding the busThis summer was an intense one in California.  Our land is parched. Poor air quality is making some of us very sick. And it’s getting more and more difficult to afford living in the cities we call home.

    But there’s hope in Sacramento: right now, our state leaders are grinding through a Transportation Special Session where two of our leaders are pushing for a better future.

    The proposal put forward by Senator Ben Allen and Assemblymember Chiu would raise $600 million dollars annually to improve and increase public transportation throughout the state, with help from the diesel fuel tax.

    40% of California's climate pollution comes from driving cars. And it’s proven that good public transportation helps reduce pollution, connects more people to opportunity, reduces traffic congestion, and saves families money. But some of our leaders want to do the opposite, and prevent any money from the special session from being spent on transit, walking, or biking.

    If we want to reach our climate goals and keep our communities healthy, we need to act to support public transportation NOW.

    Email your legislator today to support including public transportation for a cleaner, more connected California!

  • Tell BART to go big on the ballot in 2016

    BART needs billions of dollars to close its budget gap and make service better for all its riders.

    Every day, more and more people are relying on BART to get them to work, school, and more. By 2016, BART will be carrying almost 430,000 people every weekday - that’s more people than the entire population of Cleveland!  

    If you’re on those trains now, you know how much work lies ahead to make BART a reliable, safe, and frequent service for this many people. But BART’s current $4.8 billion budget shortfall makes it nearly impossible to invest enough money into fixing and improving its cars, tracks, and stations.  

    We can’t ignore BART's looming $4.8 billion shortfall...but we CAN tell the BART Board of Directors to GO BIG with a funding measure on the 2016 ballot. 

    BART is not going to close that gap without asking for our help. As voters, we have the opportunity to revitalize BART and bring it into the 21st century, but only if BART proposes a funding measure that will actually raise the amount of money it needs.

    Tell your BART Director that you support a big funding measure on the 2016 ballot! 

  • SB 32 for a healthier, cleaner California

    Californians care about the health of our families, and of our communities. We want to live in places where we can breathe fresh air, swim in clean water, and use a bus, a bike, or our own two feet to get around. 

    That’s why we overwhelmingly support protecting our communities from unhealthy climate pollution. Our state’s current climate legislation (AB 32) set ambitious goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make our communities healthier, to help protect all Californians from the effects of climate change, especially those who are most at risk.

    Despite all the benefits, the future of our state's climate program is by no means guaranteed. Our current climate legislation will sunset in just a few years.

    SB 32 is a bill that would renew and strengthen our critical climate legislation through 2050, making our state a healthier and safer place for all of us to call home. 

    Email your Assembly Member and tell them to support SB 32, so California can continue to lead the way in the fight against climate change.

  • Tell BART to focus on fixing what's broken

    BART service should be frequent - not frequently delayed.  But breakdowns and overcrowding have become regular experiences for BART's 400,000-plus daily riders.

    The BART Board of Directors needs to take action to get BART back on track and prepare for even more riders in the future.  The current budget process is an opportunity to start investing in the repair and maintainence needed to fix BART’s existing, dilapidated infrastructure.  It's also a chance to prove to voters that an ambitious funding measure in 2016 will help save BART from disrepair.

    BART riders across the region want to see BART fix what's broken. BART needs money to do that, and it needs to spend it wisely.

    Send an email today urging the BART Board of Directors to focus on fixing what's broken, with a responsible budget and an ambitious funding measure on the 2016 ballot.

  • Tell BART to go big in 2016

    BART can't afford to wait any longer - it needs to start getting service back on track to keep the Bay Area moving.

    The BART Board of Directors is considering putting a BART funding measure on the 2016 ballot. This is a huge opportunity for BART to really invest in repairing and maintaining BART’s existing, dilapidated infrastructure.

    BART riders across the region support BART going big with a funding measure in 2016. We can save BART - if BART goes big in 2016.

    Send an email today urging the BART Board of Directors to put a funding measure on the 2016 ballot.

  • Take action to bring Bus Rapid Transit to Silicon Valley

    It's make or break for the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project planned for El Camino Real. BRT would bring incredibly fast bus service to Silicon Valley, and make the corridor safer for everyone who walks, bikes, and drives on it. 

    But in order to make this project a reality, the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) Board of Directors needs to hear from you! Tell them (And your elected city officials) why you support BRT, and how it can truly serve the growing number of people who call the South Bay home. 

    Send an email to the VTA and your City Councilmembers today, and urge them to support a safe and connected El Camino Real with great Bus Rapid Transit!