Tell MTC: Strengthen policies for choice and affordability in the final Plan Bay Area

While the draft of Plan Bay Area, our regional 25-year transportation spending blueprint, is headed in the right direction, we know it could be so much better. That’s because MTC’s own analysis showed the Environment, Equity, and Jobs (EEJ) scenario to be the “environmentally superior alternative,” outperforming the other options on nearly every measure. But the draft of Plan Bay Area currently under consideration leaves out some of the best parts of the EEJ alternative. If adopted as is, the draft will miss key opportunities to improve the economy, environment, and health for all Bay Area residents.

In this last stretch, we need to make sure that MTC doesn’t leave these critical solutions on the table. MTC should incorporate the best policies from the EEJ alternative and add key mitigations to steer our region towards a future with more choices and greater affordability.

If done well, Plan Bay Area could bring more affordable, walkable communities to the Bay Area while reducing greenhouse gas pollution and meeting our region’s equity, health, and safety targets.

Can you write to your MTC Commissioner and urge them to make these important changes today?

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