Tell Legislators to Make Health Part of Transportation Planning

Currently, when the state provides guidance to regions on transportation planning, it often overlooks the impact of transportation decisions on the health of residents in those communities. 

But transportation decisions have huge health impacts! 

Transportation policy is directly linked to health through its effects on physical activity, air quality, and injury risk. Transportation planning also affects our health indirectly by connecting us (or failing to connect us), to grocery stores, health care, jobs, and other necessities of life, which impact our access healthy food, economic stability, and health services.

AB 441 encourages regional transportation planning agencies to make health implications part of planning decisions by including health and equity best practices in the California Transportation Commission Regional Transportation Plan Guidelines.  Learn more about AB 441.  

We need transportation to be planned with health in mind - and this bill will take California an important step in this direction!  TransForm is sponsoring this bill with CPEHN, the California Pan-Ethnic Health Network.

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